197 Thank Yous


Exactly a week ago our Kickstarter Campaign came to a triumphant end. We’d successfully raised all the money we needed to take our show, Backstage In Biscuit Land, to the Edinburgh… read more

Sharp Right At The Holly Bush


Leftwing Idiot and I were on our way back from lunch at work yesterday when I did something that made him laugh out loud.

I was happily propelling myself along with him walking to my left when all of a… read more

Hard in my Face


I’ve written before about my well-established ticced animal sex song which includes the line ‘Hard in the face’ sung in a loud gravelly voice.

This evening it wasn’t animals getting it hard in the face, it was me!

I’d… read more

The Only Way Is Orange


This morning while my carer Ana was helping me wash she asked if I’d put fake tan on my knees.

I told her I hadn’t and said they were naturally that shade of yellowy/orange because of all the crawling and… read more



Leftwing Idiot and I visited a special needs school recently and while we were there we were introduced to the school dog. He was very friendly and quiet and I know that if I’d been a pupil there I’d have… read more