US eavesdropping resulted in attack on the Netherlands 'being averted'

US eavesdropping resulted in attack on the Netherlands 'being averted'

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Information picked up by the American security service phone tappers led to an attack on the Netherlands being averted, according to a Dutch government report, which does not go into further details.

The government's security and information commission says in its annual report that 26 attacks in Europe were averted thanks to information from the NSA's phone and internet tapping practices.

'The commission was told that thanks to Prism, 26 attacks (in Europe, including one in the Netherlands) were averted,' the report states. It does not give any further information.

Prism is the official name given to the NSA's eavesdropping practices, which were publicised by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

US president Barak Obama had said attacks in Europe had been foiled because of Prism information when he was commenting on the row in the aftermath of the leaks.

The commission is made up of the parliamentary party leaders and is kept abreast of the work of the Dutch secret service.




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