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TransferWise is a great way to send money from the USA to any of our other supported countries!

TransferWise can receive deposits via Domestic Federal Wire to our Wells Fargo account in Texas, so it’s kept nice and local.

To satisfy US regulatory requirements, when sending money from the USA, TransferWise will need to keep a few extra details on file (TransferWise will prompt for this accordingly):

  • The recipient’s address
  • The US State that you (the sender) reside in
  • Your Zip Code
  • Social Security Number (the authenticity of this SSN will be checked). If you don’t have an SSN, we’ll need a copy of your photo ID.
  • Right now, TransferWise cannot accept Federal Wire transfers from bank accounts based in Massachusetts or Washington (state).

    Transfer times

    Transfers via domestic federal wire, can arrive to TransferWise in about an hour. Do bear in mind though, TransferWise may then need a small period of time to process your transfer, before it becomes visible on the Transfer’s status page.


    Transfers from USD have a slightly different pricing structure, compared to regular TransferWise payments.

    For USD transfers to level 1 currencies (e.g. GBP, EUR, INR), the pricing is as follows.

  • For transfers up to $1500, our fee is a flat $15.
  • For transfers up to $4999.99, our fee is 1% of the amount sent (so up to $50).
  • Over that and our fee is 0.7%.
  • So, for a $6000 transfer, our fee would be 1% for the first $4999.9. Then for the additional $1000.01, the fee would be 0.7%. This means our entire take would be 57USD (50 + 7). Your money would be exchanged at the mid-market rate.

    For USD transfers to level 2 currencies (RON/TRY), the fee is 1% for transfers over $1500. The minimum fee is $15.

    For USD transfers to SWIFT currencies (e.g. CAD, JPY), there’s a slightly larger minimum fee to take into account SWIFT transfer costs. It’s as follows:

    The minimum fee is $15 + 1000JPY/10CAD in USD at the current mid-market rate when setting up the transfer.

    Then it’s as before- for transfers up to $4999.99, our fee is 1% of the amount sent (so up to $50). Over that and our fee is 0.7%.

    Feature limitations

  • TransferWise cannot make payments where a specific amount reaches the recipient, when making transfers from USD.
  • The maximum transfer size is 100,000USD. Note: this is only for transfer from USD.
  • Wire transfer is not an option for Email transfers.
  • For paylinks requesting USD, wire transfer is not an option.
  • Certain banks and services require a "microdeposit" to verify the bank account (e.g. Google Wallet). Unfortunately we're unable to work with such services.

    Refunding money originally sent via Domestic Federal Wire.

    When issuing a refund, TransferWise would refund the money back to your account via ACH transfer (direct deposit) not Federal Wire.

    One thing to watch out for, ACH transfers often require a different routing number. TransferWise would need the ABA/ACH check routing number for electronic/paper (check) type transfers to the original sending bank account. More about that here.

    Sending from a USD account outside of the USA?

    TransferWise can receive USD transfers sent via SWIFT to our European USD account. More about SWIFT transfers can be found here.

    Details for this account are listed under the "SWIFT Payment" tab at the "Upload Money" stage.

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