VIDEO-IMF boss rules herself out for top European Commission job | euronews, world news

IMF boss Christine Lagarde has ruled herself out as a potential candidate for the job of European Commission president.

She wants to finish her term in charge of the International Monetary Fund.

“I am not a candidate and the reason I am not a candidate is that I have a job (…) and which I intend to complete,” Lagarde said in response to a question at a news conference in London. “As my young son would have said: ‘Mum when you start something you’ve got to finish the job’.”

Former Luxembourg prime minister Jean Claude Junker is considered the front runner, but Britian’s David Cameron has made it clear he opposes him. The leaders of Sweden, Hungary and Italy, among others, have also voiced doubts.

Some analysts even expect Juncker to pull out of the race after support from Germany’s Angela Merkel cooled.

Juncker’s European People’s Party did not win a majority in last month’s elections, so to become president he would need support from other political groups.

European leaders have given themselves until late June to reach a deal on the top position.

The eventual nominee must win majority support in the European Parliament to get the job.