Student and Environmental Activist Wins World Environment Day Video-Blogging Competition

Nairobi, 6 May 2014 - A 21-year-old environmental activist and university student from Canada, Fatin Chowdhury, has won the 2014 World Environment Day (WED) Video-Blogging Competition. As the winner of the competition, Mr. Chowhury will travel to a Small Island Developing State to cover the global celebrations of World Environment Day via video blog on 5 June.

Over 70 video-bloggers submitted their entries to this year's competition on WED's 2014 theme - "Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level" - which has spotlighted Small Islands and their unique development challenges and successes.

Mr. Chowdhury's video blog was initially short-listed along with four other entries, before being personally selected by Hollywood Star and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Don Cheadle.

"These young video-bloggers are helping us pave the way to World Environment Day. They are spreading the word that climate change and sea level rise is a threat to all of us, but especially to the people of the small islands," said Mr. Cheadle.

"It was not easy to choose between the top five entries, but Fatin's promotional efforts really caught my attention", he added.

Mr. Chowdhury participated with fellow students from the University of Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada, to film his 2-minute video-blog, and created a gallery of images calling on people to participate in World Environment Day. He also used a written blog to further spread the "Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level" message.

"It was quite empowering to see how willing people were to contribute to the project and support my vision," said Mr. Chowdhury, who has acted as a youth representative in the climate justice movement and participated in major environmental conferences, such as Rio+20 and the 2013 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP19).

"I am looking forward to celebrating World Environment Day 2014 and highlighting the importance of enabling the voices of Small Islands Developing States to propel action," said Mr. Chowdury.

"As we gear up for the 2015 climate treaty, it is important to contextualize our efforts to ensure we are addressing the needs of these vulnerable populations," he said, stressing the need to bridge the gap between high-level policy discussions and the actual impacts on the ground.

Previous winners of the WED Blogging Competition have reported from Rwanda, India, Brazil and Mongolia.

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