VIDEO-Some Skype users can't make calls |

Some Skype users unable to dial up Monday morning. Microsoft's text, phone and video service said there's a problem with the status settings. Users around the world finding that their status as well as those of their contacts were showing up as "offline" even though they were online. That prevents them from making calls. Many of them taking to Twitter to air their grievances. One person tweeting, "Skype is down and there is panic in the office." Other users, Skype says, are having problems trying to sign in to their accounts. Media reports say the issue has impacted users from the U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, among others. Skype said, "We're working on a fix for this issue." It also said the status issue does not affect Skype users on the web. The issue not worrying investors. Microsoft's stock is up in early trading.