VIDEO-Turkish police block hundreds of Greece-bound migrants |

They're on the march in Turkey... hundreds of migrants... all bound for Greece and beyond. (SOUNDBITE) (Turkish) SYRIAN MIGRANT, ABU BEKIR, SAYING: "I am fed up. I will go to Edirne. I don't have money. I don't have a job. Life is very difficult. But hopefully if we can cross into Hungary, life will be good." Edirne is a city on Turkey's land border with Greece, but these migrants will not make it. Police stopped them on the highway Monday and put them on buses back to Istanbul. Turkey hosts more than two million Syrian and Iraqis, but a lack of jobs and hopes for a better life in Europe are leading them to take the journey. In Edirne, Governor Dursan Ali Sahin says the migrants can no longer stay in the city and that those who register as refugees will be the first to be sent to Europe. (SOUNDBITE) (Turkish) GOVERNOR OF EDIRNE, DURSUN ALI SAHIN, SAYING: "We will place them in houses or hotels. And we will give the names of the refugees we registered to UNHCR. When the European countries start to admit refugees... as the general director (of the Turkish Red Crescent) told them, they will be the first ones to go." With Turkey struggling to manage the humanitarian fallout and frustrated at what it sees as lack of support from Europe, there are fears officials there are turning a blind eye to the hundreds trying to leave the country every day.