VIDEO-Women soar in Kabul's skies |

Meet Zakia Mohammadi, a new member of Afghanistan's paragliding team. It's worth mentioning that this is a first -- females soaring above the skies of the war weary country. SOUNDBITE: Zakia Mohammadi, Female paraglider, saying (Dari): "This is the first time that I'm flying with a paraglider and I'm so excited! When I went up into the sky, I felt like a bird, freed from a cage ... I ask other girls and women to come and play any kind of sports they like ... sport is the symbol of peace. And it shows that peace is coming to Afghanistan." While women in Afghanistan's conservative Islamic society are increasingly entering the workplace, most still wear the head-to-toe burqa. And it wasn't long ago that under the rule of the Taliban in the 1990s, Afghan women were kept out of schools and public life. Getting to the top of Kabul's hills is a challenge. The team needs an army vehicle to carry equipment and a police escort to fend off possible attackers. Team member Leeda Ozori says the experience is still surreal. SOUNDBITE: Leeda Ozori, Female paraglider, saying (Dari): "When women see me they can't believe that an Afghan woman can do this. The situation isn't good, there is no security, but I'm brave and I want to do it." The paragliding team hopes to spread their wings in other Afghan provinces soon, but for the moment, security worries restrict them to gliding over Kabul.