Jackie Filmed Shooting JFK From Three Angles | John Kimber

What follows includes photographic evidence, and background information, in support of this recent article:-

https://johnkimber.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/cia-agent-jackie-killed-jfk/Was Jackie Kennedy a CIA agent who assassinated her husband – a crime “hidden in plain sight”? Enhanced images of the JFK assassination arediscussed below, along with evidence that Jackie was working for the CIA.

I first heard that Jackie Kennedy may have fired the fatal shot at her husband, on Charles Giuliani’s “Truth Hertz” show. Physicist Dr. Neville Jones Ph.D. is amajor proponent of Jackie being the killer.

The relevant Truth Hertz shows, and Dr. Neville Jones’s work on President Kennedy’s assassination, are available here:-

http://rapidshare.com/share/2E0A60F9F089503F095A72C86E175AE1 Giulianihttp://www.realityreviewed.com/JFK%20murder.htm Jones

Naturally, I revisited the Zapruder footage, which does seem compatible with the “Jackie Shot JFK” theory:-

I then decided to collect key images of the assassination, and apply standardized/unbiasedenhancements. The results appear below, what do they show?

Certainly, white gun smoke appears to rise and drift from Jackie’s position, exactly when John received the fatal shot. Her arm also rises to an appropriate angle at this time (click on image toenlargeandplay):-

John’s head and body initially move forward and to the right away from Jackie, and then “back and to the left” returning to Jackie under gravity.

Also, during the fatal frame (Z313), there is extra illumination inside the limousine. Thisis particularly clear on shiny foreheads, and was caused by the muzzle flash from Jackie’s gun, I believe.

The massive visible head wound suggests an exiting bullet, as entry wounds are normally much smaller.

The smoke, the movements of John’s head and body, and the apparent exit wound, are all compatible with a shot fired from Jackie’s right arm/hand. Bullets do not produce smoke, only the guns that fire them.

Furthermore, if you focus on the grass above John’s head, two bullets appear to exit his head in the following south side (Orville Nix) images, at an angle that only Jackie could achieve:-

The Maria Muchmore footage is similar to the Nix footage (left-click to play video):-

In the Zapruder images, Jackie’s arm moves substantially between frames 315 and 316. This occurs in the above Nix images also. JFK’s head is moving away from Jackie due to the first bullet (frame Z313), and her arm would have had to follow it quickly to deliver another shot.

A second lesser expulsion from John’s head, does seem to occur in frame Z317(left-click to enlarge):-

Derringer twin barrel pistols fire two relatively slow bullets. They are small and easily concealed, simple/reliable, and can kill at close range. Twin barrels and two bullets meansa minimal chance of failure. Such a gun is perfect for an assassin who is near their target:-


A compact light-weight revolver, such as the Colt Cobra used by Jack Ruby, would also have been suitable.

If “six snipers” had been firing live bullets at JFK they could have hit anyone, including the alleged assassination kingpin Lyndon Johnson, who was two cars behind.

JFK is first seen choking in frame 225 of the Zapruder film, allegedly due to being shot in the throat. However, many poisons can also cause breathing difficulties (click to enlarge):-

The suggested administration of a choking/disabling nerve agent to JFK, via a radio controlled device in his back-brace (third link in this article), seems rather high-techand unreliable. Also, why hide such an invisible event behind the road-sign, in the early Zapruder frames (footage above)?

Perhaps Texas Governor John Connally, who was sitting in front of JFK, simply sprayed President Kennedy in the face with a chemical. A small spray bottle can be largely hidden in a man’s palm, and a fine transparent mist would also be hard to see.

The “stray motorcycle policeman” James Chaney on the left of the Altgens 6 photo (below, click to greatly enlarge), got even closer to the President, and JFK might have struggledif had been sprayed/harmed by someone inside the car.

The other motorcycle cops followed their highly unusual orders, which were to remain behind the presidential limousine. James Chaney therefore had guaranteed access to JFK. Did Chaney spray the President in the face, and then inspect his work in Altgens 6 above?

JFK’s alleged neck (bullet) wound was obscured by a suspicious “tracheotomy”, performed after death. It is doubtful that the president’s head would have remained upright and moving, if he had been “shot through the neck”, as alleged. No blood was visible at this stage either. In any case, a lookalike corpse was probably used at Parkland Hospital.

Before and/or after the subsequent fatal shot, Jackie may have hidden a gun under the roses that were between her and JFK (she was wearing gloves on a warm day):-

Earlier that day, John Connally was sitting next to Jackie – a perfect opportunity for him to pass her a small Derringer type gun. Jackie seems to receive instructions from Connally, in the build up to the fatal shot (see Zapruder YouTube video above).

As for motive, strong evidence indicates that Jackie was a C.I.A. agent, who was introduced to JFK shortly after joining the Agency. Jackie and her mother were also long-standingfriends with Oswald’s probable CIA handler, George de Mohrenschildt.

http://jackiekilledjfk.webs.com/wheresthemotive.htm point 6http://world.einnews.com/pr_news/56916221/ Jackie joins the CIAhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_de_Mohrenschildt Ctrl f Jackiehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lmEp87bvOw CIA vs JFK (last 20m)

After fifty years of being told about a rear sniper by the mainstream media/OperationMockingbird, and front snipers by JFK assassination researchers trying to explain theautopsy wounds of a lookalike corpse, it can be hard to imagine a lone CIA assassin firingat point blank range.

However, Robert Kennedy was also assassinated by a lone CIA assassin who was veryclose to him, with at least one other shooter causing a distraction – just like in Dealey Plaza.Close range assassinations are more reliable, and therefore more common, than thoseinvolving snipers.

In conclusion, we have a smoking gun, two bullets, strong evidence that Jackie was a CIA agent (like Oswald), plus the logic of a clean and virtually certain kill. Only “Jackie Shot JFK” fits all of thevisual and general evidence.