The IMF and the Crises in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal

I. Summary of Views of a High-Level Advisory PanelSeries Number: BP/16-02/01Author: Jack Boorman

II. The IMF Executive Board and the Euro Area Crisis—Accountability, Legitimacy, and GovernanceSeries Number: BP/16-02/02Author: Miguel de Las Casas

III. IMF Surveillance of the Euro Area: From Conception Through CrisisSeries Number: BP/16-02/03Authors: Sanjay Dhar and Shinji Takagi

IV. The IMF’s Role in IrelandSeries Number: BP/16-02/04Author: Donal Donovan

V. The Portuguese Crisis and the IMFSeries Number: BP/16-02/05Authors: Martin Eichenbaum, Sergio Rebelo, and Carlos de Resende

VI. The IMF’s Role in the Euro Area Crisis: What are the Lessons from the IMF’s Participation in the Troika?Series Number: BP/16-02/06Author: G. Russell Kincaid

VII. The IMF and the Euro Area Crisis: The Fiscal DimensionSeries Number: BP/16-02/07Author: George Kopits

VIII. Living with Rules: The IMF’s Exceptional Access Framework and the 2010 Stand-By Arrangement with GreeceSeries Number: BP/16-02/08Author: Susan Schadler

IX. IMF Engagement with the Euro Area versus Other Currency UnionsSeries Number: BP/16-02/09Author: Ling Hui Tan

X. The IMF’s Role in the Euro Area Crisis: Financial Sector AspectsSeries Number: BP/16-02/10Author: Nicolas Véron

XI. The IMF’s Role in Greece in the Context of the 2010 Stand-By ArrangementSeries Number: BP/16-02/11Authors: Charles Wyplosz and Silvia Sgherri