VIDEO-Don Lemon Scolds Sanders Supporters for Being ‘Rude’ in Hillary’s ‘House’ | MRCTV

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up Thursday evening following Hillary Clinton accepting the party’s nomination. Many were glad that evening such as the CNN panel that praised her as a “political genius.” CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was glad for as well, but he had a bone to pick with Bernie Sanders’ supporters who protested on the convention floor. “But the same thing conservatives said about Ted Cruz last week— have some dignity,” Lemon snipped at the protesters, “If you come to someone else's house have some respect.”

Members of the radical wing of the Democratic Party were out in force throughout the week showing their displeasure for Clinton. Early on in the week they even echoed the “locker her up” chat from previous week’s Republican National Convention.

Lemon went off on Hillary’s dissenters, “If you didn’t feel like this was your party, why come to the party?” “If you come to the party— If you come into my house don’t be rude,” he continued to criticize. “But 43 Percent of the house is theirs,” replied commentator David Chalian, but Lemon didn’t accept that excuse saying it “didn’t matter” and kept slamming them:

The nominee is Hillary Clinton. And you're going to Hillary Clinton's party tonight so get on board with Hillary Clinton or be quiet. If I invite you to my house— If I invite you to my house sit on the couch, have some drinks, but don't come in my house telling me that the drapery is ugly.

Writer for The Atlantic Peter Beinart, who has said some rather ridiculous things during the conventions, predicted that it will only get worse for the party. “There is a liberal wing and there’s radical wing in a way we have not seen in the party, really in some ways, since you can say the early 1970s,” he argued, “And that was the voice you were hearing from the floor. That's going to play itself out in the years to come.”