Globalist-Minded Media Fraught Over “Deliberate” and “Well Prepared” Acumen of Secretary T-Rex…

We are so fortunate Rex Tillerson was willing to take on the role of Secretary of State.  T-Rex’s approach is giving the pearl-clutching leftists fits, as outlined in this article by ABC which displays their collective angst.

(Via ABC) [..]  In his first weeks as America’s top diplomat, Tillerson has gone to great lengths to avoid attracting attention, despite a growing perception in Washington that the State Department is being sidelined by a power-centric White House.

Some State Department officials have been told by the White House to expect drastic budget cuts, with much of the reduction potentially coming out of U.S. foreign aid money. Trump and his team have also told those interviewing for top State Department jobs that significant staffing cuts will come. Some appear to have started already.

While Tillerson was in Germany, several senior management and advisory positions were eliminated. The staffers were reassigned. Some other top posts are vacant, and there are no signs they’ll be quickly filled.

While Tillerson has met or spoken with dozens of foreign counterparts in his first weeks, the White House is driving the front-page diplomacy. The lack of State Department involvement has flustered many long-time diplomats.

[…]  It’s a sharp contrast with the Obama administration’s last secretary of state, John Kerry, who routinely found his way to the center of global crises, enthusiastically fulfilling the “public diplomacy” part of the job. Whereas Kerry exhausted staff with impromptu, whirlwind foreign trips and constant press appearances, Tillerson has made it known to his staff that he wants a lower profile.

In private, the Texas oilman with the booming baritone voice is deliberate, independent and cool-headed, according to U.S. and foreign diplomats who have interacted with him and spoke on condition of anonymity in order to avoid possible diplomatic fallout from discussing private conversations. A common thread in Tillerson’s meetings with diplomats has been an emphasis on safety of U.S. personnel, State Department officials said.

It’s a continuation of a theme Tillerson touched on when he spoke to staffers on his first day, and one he plans to echo this coming week on a trip to Mexico City with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Tillerson will stop at the U.S. Embassy to meet with American diplomats, officials said.

Diplomats from several foreign countries said Tillerson is playing it safe in high-level meetings so far, avoiding extemporaneous comments. He shows up seeming well-prepared and confident on the substance of issues, rarely consulting his aides or written notes, they reported.

In Germany last week, Tillerson urged China to help address North Korea’s nuclear threat. He called on Russia to honor a 2015 peace plan for Ukraine.

While those signs of continuity in U.S. policy may have assuaged some foreign leaders’ concerns about Trump, Tillerson’s tight-lipped nature unsettled others.

After meeting Tillerson, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault lamented the “vague” U.S. position on issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tillerson told several of his international partners the U.S. is still in “listening mode,” leaving some with the perception that Trump may craft U.S. foreign policy on the fly.

In a rare interaction with reporters, Tillerson said before leaving Germany he was bringing home “many” messages for Trump. Asked to share a few, he demurred.

“Not until I share it with him,” he said.  (link)

Everything T-Rex has done so far is absolutely pitch perfect; this guy is buckets of pure American awesome.  Deliberate, focused, steadfast and intensely well-grounded, Tillerson is a walking example of just the right person at just the right time.

Out of all the Trump cabinet appointments that will be recorded in history, Secretary T-Rex will be at the very top of the list.

And to remind everyone, Rex Tillerson was the cabinet nominee that Mark Levin said was the worst possible selection in history.  HERE and HERE – Think about that level of disconnected idiocy the next time anyone gives you an opinion from Old Yeller.

The globalist-liberals are having fits over the impenetrable approach being taken by Secretary Tillerson.   T-Rex is in the center of the global elitist power structure, The Department of State.

The U.S. State Department is the epicenter of all globalist ideological enterprise, and T-Rex is thoughtfully, unemotionally, deconstructing the entire DoS system – worst parts first, while they watch.

One of the greatest attributes of legendary leaders is their mastery of the silent power that exists in the space between words.   When you witness those who exhibit this skill-set you know immediately you are seeing a person of consequence, yet you can’t quite put your finger on why.

We are very fortunate to be living in such consequential times.