MINA Breaking News - Irony: Migrant Riots in Sweden day after 'Outrage' over Trump Comment

It would appear the fakestream media (along with several celebrities and Swedish politicians) is going to be apologizing to US President Trump once again. As a reminder, Trump this weekend mentioned Sweden has turned into a security mess due to their out of control muslim migration.

Having spent the entire news cycle trying to ignore the massive immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, the biggest Swedish daily newspapers, Dagbladet and Expressen report riots breaking out in the highly immigrant concentrated Stockholm borough of Rinkeby, with police firing warning shots as 100s of young muslim migrants threw stones and burned cars.

During the evening hundreds of people gathered in the center of Rinkeby, well known for its high concentration of immigrants and people with immigrant ancestry.

The Swedish leftists politicians who were "outraged" by Trump's statement, claimed Sweden had no issues with migrants and offered their usual liberal lectures, but are now nowhere to be found, their twitter accounts on fire over the weekend, are now silent.

In June 2010, Rinkeby was the scene of riots and attacks against the local police station and Rinkeby is the region in which the '60 Minutes' crew were attacked in 2016.

The problems Sweden faces integrating large numbers of Muslim immigrants is a subject on which Nordstjernan columnist Ulf Nilson has written many times. His warnings of increasing radicalization among Sweden’s Muslims – warnings he started to broadcast a decade ago – now seem eerily prophetic in light of an Associated Press investigation that found Stockholm to be a breeding ground for jihadists among Swedish Somalis.

According to the AP report, which first ran Jan. 24, an al-Qaida-linked group is busy recruiting anti-government fighters among Somali youths living in Rinkeby. A suburb of Stockholm, Rinkeby has earned the nickname of “Little Mogadishu” because of the number of Somalis living there. Rinkeby is also the center of the recruiting efforts of al-Shabab, a group with ties to al-Qaida.

EMS Units are blocked and unable to get in to render assistance to the injured#RInkebyhttps://t.co/X99l8ocbzVpic.twitter.com/fFJfZrVtaI

— TrumpTracker (@DaveNYviii) February 21, 2017

Not just police, but EMS is not allowed to enter the neighborhood.

Rinkeby is a known problem area in Stockholm. It was here NRK journalist Anders Magnus was attacked with stones last spring, and here the police never go in the evenings without reinforcements from other patrols according to Dabladet. A freelancer the newspaper spoke to, described the situation as serious.

"I've been in some turmoil, but this is something extra. It looks like a war zone here", he was quoted as saying.

Freelance Photographer Janne Åkesson has also been at the site Monday night and early Tuesday. "They threw stones at police and police fired warning shots. I got out when it was at its worst" he said to Dagbladet. He added that there were many youths with hoods and hats on.

"It was very chaotic. I have seen much in Rinkeby: they burn cars all the time - unfortunately this was beyond the ordinary."