The Rockettes are slammed online over the lack of diversity in dancers | Daily Mail Online

The Rockettes braved the cold temperatures on Thanksgiving Day to perform in the Macy's parade as per tradition.  

In gold sequined outfits, 36 women took the New York City streets to perform a three-minute Christmas dance routine featuring high kicks, impeccable formation changes and precise dance moves.  

But an influx of fans online were unimpressed with the lineup from this year's Rockettes as some said the women lacked diversity in skin color.

Tradition: The Rockettes performed during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday on the streets of New York City 

Controversy: After the performance, people were commenting online about the lack of diversity in the dance group 

Upset: People were mad the group of 36 women still appeared predominantly white 

Rigorous: Every year, 80 women are chosen to be in the Rockettes and have to be between the height of 5'6'' and 5'10''

Not having it: One viewer said they only saw two black women in the group and one person who appeared to be of a different ethnicity 

Clever: Another person said the performance looked like a white Christmas for the dance group

A vast majority of the women featured in the dance routine were white, which people said is a problem given the progress of diversity within other groups and organizations.

'Every year I'm not surprised to see the Rockettes think only white women, 2 black women, and 1 racially ambiguous one can dance,' one person wrote after they watched the 92nd Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  

Their critique seemed warranted considering the lack of diversity during the performance. 

But one person came to the defense of the Rockettes and how the group of women are chosen each year through an extensive audition process.

'Wow, people already complaining about the #Rockettes not having many women of color,' the person wrote on Twitter. 'You need to have a certain height and weight to get in, people! It shouldn't be about skin, it should be about how these women practice their whole lives to do something you can only dream of.'

And a MSG spokesperson said: 'The Radio City Rockettes have made the Christmas Spectacular a cherished family tradition that has been beloved for generations. The dance troupe has had a significant amount of diversity over the years, made up of the world's best precision dancers who represent varying ethnicities and nationalities.' 

Defensive: Some people didn't have an issue with the diversity on the screen and said the women were chosen based on skill over skin color 

There are specific requirements in order to be considered as a member of the Rockettes.

Women have to be between 5'6'' and 5'10'' in height to be considered for a coveted role in the dancing troop. 

The height requirement is largely due to the amount of kick lines the women will do throughout their shows. Keeping the members closer in height makes the performances more visually appealing and synchronized. 

Poised: In 2017, more than 400 women showed up for auditions to be a Rockette 

Unimpressed: People said this lack of diversity in the group happens every year 

Concerned: One viewer wanted to know how diversity played a part when picking the dancers

True: One woman targeted people's defense of the group saying NYC is already diverse and believed there should be highly skilled dancers auditioning with a different ethnicity

Confused: People wanted to know how why the lack of diversity was still happening in 2018

In 2017, more than 400 women attended the auditions in hopes they would be chosen for the Rockettes. There are 80 spots open in total.

With these numbers, people found it hard to believe there was not more women who auditioned with the right dance skills that were not of another ethnicity besides white.

'I would think it's be pretty difficult to cast so many white women in NYC for the #Rockettes but they seem to pull it off every year,' one person wrote. 

Another said: 'So I'm watching the Rockettes and I notice there's only 2 black women and no Asian women and the rest are that's not cool. Not sure why it's so hard to hire diverse dancers in NYC, AKA the most diverse city in America.' 

This statement attacks the defense some had that there just wasn't enough diverse models to fit the bill for what the dance company needed from its 80 members during the audition process. 

'I see the Rockettes are literally having themselves a WHITE Christmas,' one person wrote after watching the parade. 

But, there could be more diverse dancers in the group since only 36 made an appearance for the parade out of the 80 total members.

Besides performing in the parade, the dancers do annual Christmas Spectacular performances at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. has contacted Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes for a comment.