Trump hits 'corrupt and dishonest' press for ignoring flat mortality rate as coronavirus cases rise | Just The News

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President Trump on Thursday expressed frustration that many mainstream media reports ignore or downplay the fact that even though new coronavirus infections are rising in America and around the world, new coronavirus deaths are largely flat.

Data from Oxford University show that even though the confirmed daily reported COVID-19 cases have been ticking up in the United States in recent days, daily confirmed deaths have not risen. 

Similar trends are seen worldwide, according to Oxford: Daily confirmed cases have been rising, but daily confirmed deaths have not. 

"But if I don’t do a show like this, we’re not going to get the word out, because the press is really corrupt and dishonest," Trump said during a Fox News townhall with host Sean Hannity. "I can’t believe it. I used to say you know, ‘fake news, fake news.' It’s much worse than fake news. And it’s not only what they say, it’s what they don’t say." 

Experts say the fact that new coronavirus deaths appear to remain flat is driven by more younger patients getting infected and recovering amid re-openings as the worst of the pandemic passes.

"Germany’s going to show fewer cases because they’re testing far fewer people, different size countries and all, but they’re testing far fewer people," Trump said. "But many countries don’t do testing like that. By doing that, in all fairness, it shows a very very low mortality rate, just about the lowest. So we’re right at the bottom, in a positive way. And I think that people are starting to see it." 

Trump expressed frustration with the national media, saying it was biased against Republicans, who he urged to also push back against the national media.

"If I didn't take on the media, I guarantee I wouldn't be here tonight," he said. "You couldn't win. The New York Times is so dishonest. The Washington Post is so dishonest ... I think they're the most dishonest people I've ever dealt with."