Congress pays 125 cities to defund their police

Only 46 are in the U.S.

The rest are overseas.

The world police force of “Strong Cities” is run by the 25 persons pictured at the top of this story.

That is the fake news story.

Who is really running the World Military Police?

A “Strong City” is one like Seattle.

A city that has defunded the police.

Closed it down.

Stopped paying their police.

Replaced by a mob.

Then soldiers from the United Nations come in to run the city.

Paid for by the U.S.

NATO is the UN’s police force.

Known as the North American Treaty Organization.

Only three of the 25 Directors of the World Police Force are from the U.S.

They are from:

Who are the rest?



National defense.

A counterterrorism operation.

Source is the State Department.

Also getting paid is Pakistan.

Other cities, countries, and non-profit organizations throughout the world support “Strong Cities”.

They include: