Is Chinese Technology Behind the Directed Energy Weapons Fires In No. California? |

By Dave Hodges
December 4th, 2018

I am in possession of three different pieces of intelligence information that would indicate that the Deep State and the Chinese are partnering to bring down the country. This information has been made available to me over the past 11 days. Only one of the sources said it was permissible to identify their agency and it was the FBI.

Summary of the Intelligence

To the best of my knowledge this is not open source, but neither is it classified because it is event driven. The following is information I have received from three sources:

1.The FBI source said that both Paul Preston and myself are correct about the CALEXIT movement which is designed to exit California from the Union. It is likely that such an event would collapse retail and lead to spot food shortages as well as escalating food prices. Some people within the FBI believe that the technology behind the directed energy weapons (DEW) is Chinese in origin with regard to manufacturing. It is the considered belief of this person given the circumstances, that the Deep State is using Chinese technology. This allows for plausible deniability because the DEW weapons are not of DARPA origin. I want to be clear at this point, the fires in California are not natural. They are the direct result of DEW weapons of Chinese origin. I asked the question, “Does Trump know this”? The answer I received is that it would be hard for his people to not discover this.
2.The second source says that a deal has been struck between CALEXIT and the Chinese. The Chinese, in exchange for use of their DEW technology, will be able buy up California distressed California farmland on the cheap in exchange creating maximum chaos in California. This has already taken place as Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, has been doing exactly. According to radio interviews I have conducted with Paul Preston, if CALEXIT is not initially successful, and it has not been, massive violence is planned. Are these DEW’s the manifestation of this? My second source says yes.
3.The third source has repeatedly told me that not only are the DEWs Chinese in origin, but this merely represents the first part of what is coming. The burning down of California is designed to create chaos and to destabilize the state thus making it more appealing to more people in California to exit the US. However, I am told that there is a phase two. If California remains intact, an EMP is going to be used and it too, is Chinese in origin. If the readers will recall, that Paul Martin and I, along with another intelligence source, published photos of UN vehicles in Southern Wyoming which were communications devices designed to survive an EMP attack. It is the belief of this source that if American nationalism cannot be thwarted, that an EMP attack combined with other paramilitary activities are planned as the final option.

I have also received other leads that I am checking out as of the publication date.

I am interviewing ex-CIA clandestine officer, Robert David Steele, today and there is an element of this that will be discussed. Regardless of one’s political persuasion, nobody can argue that the fate of America lies in the balance.

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