VIDEO-The Social Dilemma - The Social Dilemma


Our Virtual Tour will feature a series of conversations with the activists, researchers, and survivors of exploitative tech who are working to build a humane tech future.

Roundtable Q&A – Sept. 16th

Help kick off our virtual tour with a roundtable Q&A featuring The Social Dilemma director Jeff Orlowski and selected film subjects: Tristan Harris, Rashida Richardson, Renée Diresta.

Moderator: Sheera Frankel, New York Times

“Perhaps the single most lucid, succinct, and profoundly terrifying analysis of social media ever created for mass consumption.”

— IndieWire

“so relevant and of-the-moment it’s practically already in the future”

— Hollywood Reporter

The Social Dilemma may finally convince you that we’re being watched, manipulated, and misled by unscrupulous platforms and attention-harvesting algorithms.”

–Vanity Fair