Low Cost

Dramatically reduced operating costs bring the comfort and convenience of high-end private aviation to the masses. People can travel privately at costs competitive to full fare, main cabin commercial airfare.

Fuel Economy & Emissions

Up to 8 times lower fuel consumption than jet aircraft comparable in size delivers dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

Speed & Range

High cruise speeds of 460 mph, a 4,500 mile range, and direct access to 5,000+ U.S. airports significantly cuts travel time.

Superior Comfort

Superior comfort delivered through a stand-up cabin height of 6’2” and six first-class equivalent seats in a customizable configuration.


The Celera 500L is designed with safety in mind. No fuel in wings. Mechanically linked flight controls. Plus, reliable and redundant aircraft systems including the RED A03 engine. The engine effectively operates as two 6-cylinder engines, allowing for continued power and operation of all critical systems under numerous failure scenarios. All of this and more ensures the highest level of safety and compliance within FAA regulations.

Gliding Capability

The Celera 500L has a glide ratio of 22:1 (typical GA aircraft of similar size have a glide ratio of < 9:1). At an altitude of 30,000ft The Celera 500L can glide up to 125 miles with no engine power. This is roughly 3x better than the typical aircraft.


The Celera 500L can utilize over 5,000 regional and municipal airports across the United States. A 4,500 mile range and 3,300’ balanced field takeoff distance allows the Celera 500L to service virtually any U.S. city pair, and many international city pairs without refueling.

Revolutionizing the Short-Haul Model

By making short-haul flights more cost effective, the Celera 500L brings commercial viability to the air-taxi market and easily outperforms numerous aircraft designed specifically for it.

Long Haul

The Celera 500L’s 4,500 nautical mile range allows it to fly direct between any city pair within the continental United States. You would not see this kind of range in a general aviation aircraft until you moved into a super mid-sized jet which is ~10x the operating cost of the Celera 500L.

Air Cargo

Time-sensitive air cargo and express shipment routes can be opened up by bypassing hubs and delivering direct to the end-user. With the emergence of e-commerce, more and more consumers are demanding next-day or even same day delivery. The Celera 500L is the perfect vessel to support the growing demand of the “now economy” by flying more direct routes into regional airports.

Dramatic Green Impact

The Celera 500L is leading the charge to reduce overall aviation carbon emissions and mitigating global climate change. It reduces carbon emissions by over 80% relative to comparable business aircraft and over 40% relative to the most efficient commercial aircraft on a per-passenger basis.  The Celera 500L’s reduction in carbon emissions beats FAA and IACO target emissions standards for aircraft entering service in or after 2031 by over 30%.