W76 2 - Lame Cherry: This President's Atomic Bullet

Bob, you're a Naval Intelligence operative. The SecNav thanks you for your cooperation in this intelligence operation.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Perhaps now you have heard of the Bob Woodward Watergate 571 sequel on Donald Trump in two parts of Rage and Orgasm or something that Woodward came up with. The book is the DIA exposing the deep state, and as this blog stated, Mike Pence was one of the chief Bush fam operatives against this President, but what this post is about is the new secret nuclear weapons the President, in working with the DIA in an intelligence operation, has informed the world of a weapon's system he has built.

Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward detailed how Mr Trump disclosed to him the existence of nuclear weapons no other US president has ever had before.
According to Mr Woodward in his book 'Rage', President Trump said: “I have built a nuclear - a weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before.
“We have stuff that you haven’t event seen or heard about.
“We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There’s nobody - what we have is incredible.”

Those not in the loop have attempted to appear intelligent in not having DARPA access in fingering the Trident missile of submarines armed with the W76 2 dial a nuclear detonation downward warhead.
These are all the cone shape design which Dr. Khan of Pakistan has provided to Obama's Shia Islamocommunists of Iran.

James Acton, a nuclear expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said in an interview Friday that Trump may have been referring to the W76-2 warhead. Although its existence was not a secret, the timing of its first deployment was. The warhead is on the business end of a Trident II D-5 missile carried aboard Navy ballistic missile submarines.

The Lame Cherry would point this reality out. If a weapon's system has been actively deployed on the standard United States military use of tactical nuclear weapons in the field (I will cover this in a later post which you will have forgotten about by then.) then it is not secret and everyone knows about it.

When the President is providing to Naval Intelligence officer Bob Woodward information of this sort it is coordinated and meant to warn nations that the United States has a deployed toy which is not in the testing stages.
As the President specifically stated nuclear, then it is nuclear, and the Lame Cherry will discuss what the President was speaking about.

It was troubling in the Associated Press produced propaganda which KSTP of Minneapolis featured, the troubling part is KSTP is babe central for anchors and they just invested a great deal in the large breasts of Jackie Cain, which are a thermo weapon in their own right.

Now that the important information of large comforting breasts has been dealt with in their thermo reactions, the secondary part of this will now be addressed.

Without revealing anything top secret or above black, the matrix upon inquiry confirmed what the voice in me whispered, and it is something my American Government teacher was carrying on about as he just loved nuclear weapons.  He had most beneficial and progressive ideas in how to utilize these tools of nature and this is what the poor orphan girl will focus upon.

When the President states he has built a new weapon arsenal of specific nuclear weapons, he has done just that from the DARPA stores.
It may be best to explain this in a mining scenario.

If you are mining for gold, and you lay an explosive charge on a rock and detonate it, it will just blow up and barely damage the rock surface. If though, you put a mud pack on top of the explosive, it will direct to the rock and shatter the rock in amazing physics of cause and effect. It is like drilling holes in rock and inserting dynamite.

When Hiroshima had a nuclear charge detonated over the city, the city was chosen due to the amphitheater of hills which surrounded it to contain the blast in the city. See nuclear bombs have so much energy that they require objects to bounce off of. This blog has written of the Lame Cherry Nuclear Slap Law of two or more bombs detonating would slap against each other to amplify and direct energy.

What if though, DARPA evolved a way for a nuclear warhead to direct energy, from neutrons in a stream to the literal atomic force of expansion, not in a Hiroshima ball, but in a laser like projection, moving from faster than sound to the speed of light.
Imagine such directed energy weapons shooting into bunkers deep in mountains. Imagine of instead of blowing atomic holes in an enemy's battle line, but instead infalidating it or shooting down that line for miles. It would be atomic strafing.

The question in this is, instead of nuking wetware in inpenetrable bunkers, if it could shatter incoming meteors of size.

Directional nuclear weapons. This President's Atomic Bullet. Tis what the matrix has trended.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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