Lame Cherry: What Will Shifty Mike Pence Do?

Get this wrong Mike and your New Year address will be Gitmo!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 I'm a bit puzzled about a Politico Mockingbird post which states that when Rep. Mo Brooks is seconded by a US Senator in Tommy Tuberville in contesting the Biden election theft, that this will all go down to defeat due to "expected rules"

Under the rules Gohmert is challenging, all it takes is a single member of each branch to challenge electors from multiple states to force a vote on the matter. But any challenge is likely to fail under the expected rules. The Democrat-led House will vote to uphold Biden's win, and numerous GOP senators have indicated they do not intend to support Trump's efforts.


This is not what the Constitution nor the governing Articles state. When members rise to challenge a Presidential election, both houses immediately adjourn, are mandated to debate for at least 2 hours, and only after this do the Senators ALONE vote for who will be Vice President, and the House votes BY EACH STATE, meaning ONE VOTE, who will be President.

Once the fail safe of contesting the election is begun, it plays out until there is a vote in seating a President and Vice President. There are no rules which override the Constitution

For the facts in this, Republicans control the number of votes in the House, as Republicans control the majority of States, even if the metro city states control the number of members for a slim majority.

So the lies that Politico produced and Yahoo was reposting are not what the reality it.

These lies are so blatant, that they must be aimed at dim wit Debra Messing types who have no idea of the law. This appears CIA and MI6 centered in the media too as Mosaad's Rupert Murdoch is calling for the President to stop the contesting of election fraud. Translate that as President Donald Trump must have something in what he is doing, as the election coup plotters are worried in posting absolute lies and are trying to leverage the President.

Business Insider

New York Post editorial board tells Trump it's time to end the 'undemocratic coup' and secure his legacy by helping Republicans maintain control of the Senate

"Stop the Insanity," the Post headline read. It had been among the president's most supportive media outlets.


 The reality is, this has moved out of the Senate's hands. John Thune does not know jack or shit about the US Constitution or Articles by the dictator things he is spewing for McConnell.  There are not challenges in plural but one CHALLENGE, a contesting by a growing number of House members, seconded by a US Senator, who is smart enough to glean the 100 million armed Trump supporters for future politics, and that one challenge is then debated and these Congress frauds will have to go on record before America in how they vote.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has worked to dissuade his caucus from participating in the challenges, and the second-ranking GOP leader, Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), drew a fierce attack from Trump after he told reporters that any challenges to the results were doomed to fail.


I'm not saying that Pelosi and Thune may be in bed, and conspire to adjourn Congress due to Covid, and send them off to meet in telecom from their homes, but that is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL. the Articles plainly state that members MUST meet at the Capitol, to elect a Speaker on January 4th. The 6th is when this begins.

What Patriot Louis Gohmert is engaged in, is bringing the Constitutional issue of Vice President Mike Pence before the Courts. The fact in this is, that this suit declares exactly what this blog posted from the start. Mike Pence is the sole arbitrator, meaning the Founders rested in the Vice President the one power in a powerless job, in the Vice President alone opens the Electoral College Ballots, an the Vice President decides alone which ballots are to be received or rejected. The Vice President decides if fraud state ballots are counted or if Republican counter ballots are counted. These are the ballots then presented before Congress to be certified. That is absolute power in one area, and that is what Louis Gohmert is demanding the Courts hand down a ruling on, and this is a Constitutional Crisis, because the Courts would in voting against the Vice President be illegally taking power from the Vice President.

The Lame Cherry trusts Congressman Gohmert, he has proven to be a right wing Texan for years. In noting that, this suit which is being weighed by a Trump Judge in Texas, if ruled in the Vice President's favor before the certification, means that the Vice President holds this power.

Where this moves to next is the Federal Appeals, which honestly as corrupt as the courts have been, might strike down, and then the crooked Black Robes of the Supreme Court which could set it aside again causing more mayhem.

What you do not understand in this is, Gohmert and Trump have placed all this in jeopardy and lose nothing. If the courts uphold the Constitutional powers of the Vice President, no challenges can appear. If the courts abdicate as they have, then Mike Pence DOES NOT HAVE TO OBEY THAT RULING, because the Court has no way of enforcing it's orders. Congress can only impeach and when the reality is that Mike Pence was carrying out Constitutional authority he can not be impeached on that, nor on a court ruling against the Constitution.

There is method to this Trumpness, and by Murdoch and these other CIA Mockingbird absolute lies appearing, this is an indication that something is coming from this.

Mind you, the continuous statement from those on the inside has been the President will be inaugurated for his second term on this January. They are not placing hope on this Congress as it is full of crooks. I honestly have not been shown what the future is, but I return to Absalom in the coup against King David, and in that, the tribes asked for the King to return, that appears to be a State by State request.

The limelight of Mike Pence is people are now aware of his authority by the Constitution, no matter what the courts rule. The President has been red lining bills he signed to fix in a precursor to a line item veto.

This is just an update, but this one has consequences and all of this is exactly what this blog posted as exclusives just after the November 3rd election theft.

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