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My fat ass a bomb in an RV did this.

From a news helicopter flyover of the bomb site, we can determine some interesting facts:

You can see the full overhead video here.

In the video below, you can see something create a streak of smoke in the sky into/from the building one second before it explodes. The black and white video is contraindicated by this video, which does not show any streak in the sky before the explosion.  I’m not sure what the cause of this streak is.  It’s possible the black and white video may be capturing more of the infrared spectrum, which is why it’s showing up in one video but not the other.

Here is a street level view of the explosion.  In this recently released high definition security camera, we can make out that an RV is parked in front of the white SUV on the left side of the street, adjacent to where the blast holes in the ATT building are located.

The RV was parked between these two sets of cars and its wreckage is not identifiable.

It’s also worth noting that this “AT&T” building is entirely concrete with no windows and has huge roof-top ventilation systems designed to support a massive server farm.  This is exactly the same kind of construction we see with known NSA data centers. Notice the lack of damage to the ATT building facade compared to the buildings across the street.  The ATT building was reinforced; which again is something we would expect to see from a centrally located NSA data center.

My speculations: The RV may have been blown completely across the street into the 176 2nd street building, which is why we aren’t seeing any wreckage of it in the street. To me, it seems obvious that the blast came from inside the ATT building itself.

This was obviously not an attack carried out by some lone suicidal nut who hated 5G networks.  This was a state level attack carried out with professional precision in such a way as to minimize surrounding collateral damage and loss of life while simultaneously wiping out an (NSA? CIA?) data center.

Officially, we are supposed to believe some 63 year old dude rigged up an RV with a bomb that utilized a sophisticated automated countdown and PA warning system with an expert level of explosives engineering, completely destroying the sub-floors of the ATT building while leaving no crater in the road, perfectly taking out the communications servers with minimal collateral damage, while completely vaporizing the RV into oblivion.

And for the pièce de résistance, “authorities” are now saying the bomber died in the blast – because of course he did. I mean, who doesn’t hate 5G providers so much they want to commit suicide in an act of martyrdom against 5G providers, while having no social media history of long standing protest against 5G providers?  And of course, the FBI is triumphantly declaring no other individuals were involved.

Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

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