Where are the surveillance videos of Sandy Hook?: conspiracy

One of the most powerful images from Columbine was this one showing Harris and Klebold in the act. The chilling silhouette of Klebold with the TEC-9 did more to advance the cause for tighter gun controls than 10,000 words of rhetoric could ever accomplish.

Where's the image of a remorseless Adam Lanza with his Bushmaster AR-15 walking down a Sandyhook hallway?

I don't want to see bodies, blood or gore. I have NO desire to see dead children or teachers. I don't even need to see the dead perpetrator.

I just want to see bullet holes in the walls. I want to see spent brass on tile. I want to see shattered plate glass and crime scene tape. (I understand not having this sort of evidence from the Aurora shooting. There is going to be a trial, there are survivors, witnesses etc. Even with this fact there were plenty of pictures of physical evidence outside the theater.)

Essentially, I want this tragedy treated JUST like every other shooting the macabre media splashes across the headlines and in continuous coverage. If the goal is gun control, why not use all imagery available just like they have in the past?

I don't want to believe that this is anything worse than it is. It is already one of the worst days in American history.

..but if they announce that there was a "system malfunction" and there is no video and seal the crime scene photos since there will be no trial and announce that Lanza's hard drive is unrecoverable because of the damage and the city demolishes the building because they "want the community to have some closure"....

They can shut a hell of a lot of people right the fuck up with the release of just a few bits of impersonal evidence that is respectful of the families and the community but yet totally debunks most if not all the conspiratorial hypotheses put forward. They could inspire real outrage and a groundswell of support for any laws they want to pass. An unstoppable wave of anti-gun fervor greater than what we see now could be stirred up by the images that should exist.

M.E. H. Wayne Carver said it himself

you can control the situation, depending on the photographer and I have very good photographers.

Will we ever see these images? Time will tell.

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