VIDEO - I lost brain cells watching this… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

I miss the old days when these people were locked up in mental institutions.

OMG! I tried to watch, but the vomit in my mouth needed too removed, followed by a long shower. I still feel kinda dirty, there should have been a warning on that video that it might lead to nausea, followed by extreme anxiety. SIGH!

I wanted to puke, brain dead Biden zombies.

welcome to socialism…..and its only week 10………….ammo up

I threw up a little in my mouth. 🤢

Shouldn’t have looked at this while eating breakfast, I wanted to vomit. Do the commie/Democrats really think we’re that stupid?

Trust in no one but Jesus

I’m still scratching my brain and sad to know people really believe this crap. If the media would do their job and report that millions of us have gone about our lives without a vaccine, going to work, sending kids to school, eating out and not wearing a mask, etc… maybe they wouldn’t be so afraid and brain washed. Sadly, people do not get out nor think for themselves.

Goebbels would be so proud.

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oh. my. god!!! wth was that?? is this real or is it a parody?? ’cause if its real, its the dumbest video ever made!!


This is called propaganda!

Propaganda always consists of lies. This is pure lies. I pity the fools this resonates with.

This is satire, right? No one could really be that stupid, right?

You do know we are dealing with Liberals, right???…Now I have to figure out how to unsee this!

President Harris spent $87 billion on those videos.

Yea but $86.9b went to her and Pedo Joe’s family so it’s okay. Just bend over and relax.

Let’s see fellow Globalists,
Will have our Dr.Fauci and pal Gates dress rehearsal “Agenda 21” in October 2019 for our Plandemic to scare Americans, destroy small independent businesses, further dumb down the kids forcing them out of school to stare at computer screens all day and destroy the economy so no one will vote for Trump.
Doesn’t matter if they do cuz we can rig the election with our automatic voting machines from Communist China.
Then we will roll out the vaccines that change the human genetic code and require everyone to get their vaccine lot number tattooed on their forehead in order to eat.
Like these ideas?

An attempt to normalize the destruction they created…FU

I got about1/4 of the way through before I puked on my shoes.

I was lucky, no breakfast yet,..but did gag for a while…

You lost brain cells. I lost my breakfast all over myself

“Competent Leaders”????? Really!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa….. What a Freaking Joke….. These Moron Demoturd “leaders” in the swamp don’t give a crap about the American Citizens… They are only concerned with their own power and wealth….

One more thing
I find this repulsive and disgusting
They are singing and dancing about a vaccine for the biggest scamdemic pandemic that killed small business, seniors. Only lib twats would do this and I can’t stand em

These people have serious mental problems. That lady is scary looking.

Tokyo Rose would be so proud of them!

The funny thing is, after being warned of brain cell loss, I watched this sh!t anyway….
Couldn’t make it all the way through the first one.
Couldn’t make it past “competent leader” BS in the second one.
I am 62 and never really hated anyone before in my life.
Leftists have changed that for me.

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The lies and manipulation pushed in these videos are for the benefit of only morons…

There was one thing I wanted to do in March 2020 that I had to modify. That is all my damages from the Wuhan virus.

My business improved greatly since March 2020 because I benefitted from new customers leaving my competitors whom were hiding in their closets, wallowing in ignorance.

if this truly resonates with liberals, they are beyond repair. the piece infantilized them.

They aren’t Liberals. They are leftists. The two are antithetical. That alone should explain to you that they have been beyond repair for over 100 years.

Disagree. Leftards. Regressives. Leftists. Liberals. All shapes of the same 💩

Unless, of course, you mean classic liberalism.

A real, Classic Liberal would freak out and raise hell over all of this Government Over reach.
Reagan was a Liberal till the Democrats went over the deep end with abusive banking and destructive Policies. He said :”He did not leave the Democrat Party, it left him, California.
He repaired much of the damage done to the US by Carter and the Leftists, set us back on the right path. Trump did the same with MAGA,.. and now we have the Liberal Marxists in control… destroying everything they can… because that is what Marxists do. They only call themselves Liberals to hide what they really are.

The Biden administration:
Chaos wrapped in a freak show, wrapped in racism, wrapped in stupidity, wrapped in dementia.

In the last year, I’ve flown on a plane, eaten in restaurants, visited my parents every weekend, hung out with friends, went to bars, went to crowded events, went on trips, and never missed a beat. These people are weak cowards. Covid was a hoax to anyone under 50 years old.

And that liberal woman is obviously nuts, just look at her eyes.

Same here in Missouri. Never wore a mask and did not change a thing and I am 52. Ignorance is the only virus people should be afraid of.

Simple ignorance is relatively benign. Leftism/Progressivism is a malignant cancer.

I’m over 50 and have done the exact same thing. Covid is a political ploy that was used to control the masses.

GA here. A bunch of the families in my sub got together on December 23rd. All got it together. Mild to moderate cold for 100% of us. Done in 10 days. Yay! Now I’m immune and no cringe vaccination day required.

Titter and Reddit approved

39 seconds!! I lasted through 39 seconds this garbage before I threw up.

Full spew, or just a little in your mouth?

After watching those videos, I strongly feel It is time to burn down this country, genocide all the lefties, and rebuild it in OUR glorious image,

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Now lets not use words like genocide, you’ll get visits from men (some of them biological) in suits who’ve all had humorectomies. Just remove them from all positions of power and they become simple garden variety raving lunatics.

When government says go left, I go right, and vice versa.

These commercials will turn everyone off of anything to do with lockdowns and mask-mandates. Good job for contriubiting to the anti-mask crowd, which includes me.

OMG that was painful first thing in the a.m. I know the work of the first guy and he is talented but he has such trust in the government that it is sad. In the 2nd one, I hope she keeps drinking the KoolAid because down the line she may wake up and realize she’s been pranked. Whenever you include that partisan cut against conservatives you destroy any value in the message. It may seem to be fun circling the toilet bowel, but the final flush into the dark sewer of indifferent politicians and criminal Pharma companies with their enablers it’s all dark all the time.

The first video is from the Holderness family, a popular channel on YouTube. They’re kinda funny, but they’ve sold out to the commercial industry to endorse and sell products, and they’re very into all the covid neurosis. I have a soft spot for them, they’re very creative, but their covid BS can get to be a bit much. The second video of the lady singing is boring, and pure ignorance and propaganda….she’s not smart enough to admit Trump got us the vaccine in record time, even though morons like her said it couldn’t be done. Pure douchebaggery! Thank you President Trump!


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I don’t even give it 5 years. Two maybe. People are already falling over dead from this fake vaccine.

Yeah, when they find some sort of unexplained internal growth. Government will never link it to the shots.

The guberment authorized it’s use on an “emergency basis”, I bet there is a “the company cannot be sued” clause in there somewhere…….

The first video, the Holderness Family, is satire. He’s making fun of people needing a shot to live normally – not celebrating it, FWIW.

So then why would people in a hospital setting demand that I put on one of their little paper masks when I had on an N95 mask and also had an Inogen 4 oxygen machine on and tell me it isn’t a problem when I tell them I have COPD. Of course, it isn’t a problem for them-it is a problem for me when I can’t breathe and they expect me to walk a long way. It is all about control of their little fiefdom-it isn’t medical-it is about control.

According to the ADA it’s ok to suffocate people in our position. One less person to cull.