Spain's Galicia makes COVID-19 vaccine compulsory with fines of up to €60K for those who refuse it - Olive Press News Spain



GALICIA has announced that the COVID-19 vaccine is compulsory for all its 2.7 million inhabitants.

The Xunta de Galicia published last Friday in its Official Gazette the amendment of the Health Law.

This new Public Health Law, reforms the previous text of 2008 and is a legal framework adapted to pandemics which allows health authorities to adopt mandatory preventive measures including home confinement or force the population to be vaccinated.

The health amendment, approved by a majority in the Galician parliament, considers the ‘unjustified’ refusal of anyone who is called up to have the COVID-19 jab a ‘serious infringements’, resulting in a penalty of €3001 to €60,000.

However, if the offence results in a ‘a very serious infringement’—where authorities consider over 100 people have been put at risk, the fines can range from between €60,000 to €600,000.



The new law is a pioneering decision at national level, although the lack of detail in the official legislation means it is subject to interpretation.

Common COVID-19 fines and penalties in Spain:

Minor infringements (€100 to €3,000)

Serious infringements (€3,000 to €60,000)