VIDEO - Healthcare Made Easy | Amazon Care

Skip the waiting room and start a virtual primary or urgent care visit from the comfort of your home.

Experience a new kind of healthcare

Amazon Care is healthcare built around you, your life, and your schedule.

Clinicians on your schedule

Connect in seconds, day or night, on weekends, and holidays.

Care that comes to you *

At-home follow-up care for labs, tests, and treatment.

Prescriptions made easy *

Contact-free prescriptions delivered right to your door.

Dedicated Care Teams

Quality time with your team of doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses.

* In select locations

“I’m worried something’s wrong with me”

Confidence that you can prepare for health risks with a trusted clinician by your side.

“My baby woke up with a fever of 102”

Peace of mind when you know how to keep your child safe.

“Working from home is killing my back”

Reassurance of knowing you can feel better – and how to do it.

“I haven’t slept well in months”

Relief when you finally confront a nagging issue.

“I just feel… off”

Motivation to listen and respond to your body.

Your Care Team

Amazon Care works with Care Medical, an independent medical practice. Your Care Team is a dedicated group of licensed doctors, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses chosen to help you meet your health goals.

You’ll continue to see familiar faces when you visit with us for your ongoing care.

Your clinicians have experience with adult and children’s medicine with a focus on whole person care.

You can reconnect with your Care Team to answer your questions right from the app.

Get Amazon Care

You are an employee age 18+ who lives and works in Washington State.

You are enrolled in an Amazon-sponsored Aetna or Premera health plan.

Reach out to our team to learn more about offering Amazon Care as a benefit to your employees.

"I was delighted with my first experience using Amazon Care. Absolutely loved it!"

"Our call was for something fairly easy but the response rate, care and quick turnaround for an antibiotic was probably the best experience I have ever had re: medical concerns."

"Blown away with how fast, easy, and high quality the whole experience was. It truly raises the bar for healthcare services."

"I love it so much! I never hesitate to seek help or medical experts opinion anymore due to ease of use AND quality of care. I haven’t been to urgent care since using Amazon Care."